Welcome to my Weird Beautiful life 2

Hope you had a restful night?
A few readers couldn’t believe my story wasn’t fiction. Well I am sorry my life resembles a well scripted fictional tale.
Let me digress from sad stories unto some of my beautiful childhood memories, it can’t always be so bad can it?
So when I was in primary 4, my mum registered me for common entrance. Since I wasn’t even in primary 5 yet, she registered me as a private student in a government school and I was made to wear their uniform and write the exam with strangers. I remember that exam very clearly, during the exam, little sheets were passed out for cheating, otherwise known as expo. But since I was known not to be a student of that school despite my camouflage uniform, it wasn’t passed to me and I only got to know about it as I trekked home with some of the students where the supposed last student to use the sheet brought it out of her socks where she had hidden it after use!
Result publishing day came and mum returned from work with bad news; she said I didn’t pass. She beat me black and blue while uttering the words “upon your private school education, fat Ada(who was in primary 6 by the way)passed!” Well what did I know? I cried myself to sleep.
Two weeks later mum returns home with snacks for me from Mr Biggs, apparently she met a teacher from the school I registered and wrote the common entrance who asked her why I didn’t come for the interview, and she replied that I didn’t pass the common entrance. The lady tells her that that was not true and walks her to the notice board to check the list again. Loo and behold, my name was number one on the list with the highest score!
Oh that’s my mum dancing during my 10th year birthday party. I do remember that party. I was and still am an horrible dancer, the anchor of the dance competition whispers to me “Judith dance better so you won’t be evicted!”

Till tomorrow when I return, love each day as you last. You got just one life.

Weirdly Yours,

Email: strongnigerianwoman@gmail.com
IG handle: @mysurrogatetwins



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