Welcome to my weird beautiful world

My name is ‘Oh Well I Choose to try Anonimity’. Yes I am a Mrs but unlike many Nigerians I like hearing my first name being called.
I am in my thirties, grew up in a supposed(let’s leave the drama for the future) wonderful family with one other sibling(a younger brother who has issues calling me sister Judith), yes I am educated and beautiful(at least I think so), but I am very controversial and so make enemies easily and get into trouble a lot. But trust me I have a good heart(so my mama said).
I am hoping this blog helps someone have a better life knowing that they are not alone.
My dad was high in the police force, a strong man with an AA genotype, my mum was in the teaching service, a wonderful lady despite having an SS genotype. So my mum was in the government teaching service, while I grew up. Her salary was small and my dad continually tried to force her to resign, my mum didn’t argue with him. She worked her schedule with the help of colleagues to enable her not lose her job on days he forced her to stay home. That’s how I grew up meeting them have those disagreements. Surely there was also the disagreements of infidelity as I once witnessed mum burn a female cloth she met in my dad’s service station when we went visiting.

I suppose most girls are called daddy’s girl but that wasn’t my case because as it turned out, my dad sexually abused me for years under the same roof as my mum. My parents surely weren’t prepared for marriage when they took in with my pregnancy, I do remember their court wedding taking place while I was about 5 years of age. I also grew up with uncles related and unrelated in my home and unfortunately atleast two of them also played inappropriately with me.

Let me tell you a weird experience, so I used to steal as a child, one day I was reported to dad for stealing biscuits, he takes me into his car we drive to a supermarket and he asks me to take whatever biscuits I wanted then on the drive home he fingered me in the car.

I will be back soon, now I want to take care of some wifely duties.
Yours Weirdly,

Email: strongnigerianwoman@gmail.com
IG Handle: @mysurrogatetwins



  1. I’m here!!
    Couldn’t stand reading your story from the middle with the link you sent so i had to come all the way to the beginning.
    I’m definitely binge-reading till it is done.
    What a story!!! I had shivers…………..


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