Domestic Violence get types

So as I come write about the domestic violence wey I Dey experience yesterday, I come get many friends and strangers wey come write me personally for private dey talk say they too they experience the same kin thing. At first many of them no gree say them dey experience am oh, instead them dey talk say wetin I write dey horrible but as we come dey talk dey go, them come open up say their own case even worse pass.

I am doing much better, thank you.

Na so I come see say I turn to comforter yesterday.

Many people wey know me come confuse how dem go take support me. I appreciate their support anyhow them do am but the type support wey sweet me pass na when the caller go simply say “are you ok? Is there anyway you want me to help you? Ok I will also pray for you. Bye”. I know say I be one kind person, but na so I be, I no want sympathy. Eh don happen eh don happen. Na way forward be life.


So as I go Domestic Violence unit of Lagos state yesterday, I come dey their waiting room dey wait make them call me inside, na so one television dey play small small educational clips about domestic violence, na so I come realize say no be until person beat person na em them Dey do domestic violence.

I come learn say when you talk down on person or you deprive them of money wey be upkeep, na domestic violence be that one too. For inside the video wey I watch there, I see one woman wey get money pass her husband dey talk to the husband like say he be dustbin, I still see one man wey get money dey do party yet dey give him wife and children only N500 for food. Then one man wey dey shout for him wife say she no quick come from market and say she no pick him phone when he dey call, he come talk say na ashawo she go do so he come seize her phone. Na so the stories plenty.

As I just Dey watch all the plenty tori, I come see say my domestic violence of beating even small compare to the non beating own wey I don receive from Uncle Forever. If Uncle just do something wey he no supposed do, instead make he say sorry, he go talk say “I am even tired of this marriage” or “maybe it will be better we go our separate ways” or “since we marry, na only me Dey bring money come this house so no tell me say make I no make decisions by myself” or “if I had married a younger girl we won’t have spent so much on childbearing” na so the list dey go to try make me no talk if he do bad.

But trust your sister na, I go quiet that time later come talk wetin I need to talk. But eh get how person dey quiet reach wey the person go say “make wetin wan happen happen.” Na so eh happen this last day wey them blow my face anyhow.

Today I come realize say I no be Holy Spirit wey fit change anybody. I don try. I go do my best and leave the rest.

If you know person wey need to waka commot for abusive marriage, show them my stories and just be a shoulder to them, don’t be pushy. If na you self, advise yourself before it’s too late.

True true to waka no easy, na why many people no dey waka. Shee I go waka myself? Time go tell.

Make una jolly today until I jolificate return tomorrow.(yay I did a whole post in pidgin)

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Sunday when I go beach before them scatter my face.


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