Laugh in Your Pain

Yesterday which is today actually because I try to start writing a day before, I was at the hospital eventually not really to get my eye checked but for my baby mama’s appointment, but being already there, there was no sense in not getting the eye checked out.

Same outfit different days! Well it looks better already doesn’t it?

So the doctor asks what happened to the eye and I say “I got my eye punched by my husband”, I don’t know why that sounded funny to my baby mama. The doctor was however confused. He had to ask if we were joking, well I now had to put on my serious girl face and tell him as it is. That yes I and my husband got into a fight and my eye took a casualty.

Three years ago when I was in the same seat I told a lie, covering up for the perpetrator. No more anymore. See me then formulating a story about hitting my head on the wall to cause the pain in my ear which I came in to complain of. Many women do this daily. They cover up for their abuser until some are unfortunate to lose their lives.

This week has really been adventurous for me, I made one decision at the end of this week though and that was to live for myself. Improve myself and chase dreams that appeal to me.

Lest I forget I also learnt something this week, I learnt first hand the culture of tolerance to abuse in churches and the fear of supposed friends and family to speak on marital issues even in cases as bad as abuse. They even have a catch phrase to justify themselves.

They say “Na husband and wife matter oh, make them no come reconcile use our head settle.”

In all these I am glad to be alive, glad to have had ”my inner vex awoken.” Glad to be a strong woman and not one who chooses the route of depression and suicide.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being here. Thank God it’s Friday. Make we go rest small.

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