Tribalism the step brother to Racism.

Working in a new town, offered me a chance to redefine myself. Most Nigerians have two names the go by, an English name and one indigenous to their tribe. I am not a difference, though as it turns out, my indigenous name originates from a tribe I am from. It served to an advantage in today’s story.

My mother’s tongue was similar to the language spoken in this community, hence I understood every single word they spoke in vernacular but because I introduced myself by my indigenous name, no one guessed my roots were so close hence I was gossiped right in front of me for years.

But no good thing lasts forever. One day some colleague comes to me accusingly, I ask why he was mad at me. As it turned out, he ran into a distant uncle of mine who divulged my roots.

So he felt violated that I knew all he had spoken about me “in front of me”. Lol.

This reminds me about something that happened a few days ago. I got into a disagreement with a fellow passenger in a tricycle and he insults me in a vernacular language I wasn’t conversant with, so I simply say to him “all you are saying is to your father”, that really hurt him so he said more and I replied even further “oh your poor dad, all those insults for him”. On and on I went………..

Hahaha I enjoyed taunting that man. But seriously, why say things about people you don’t want them to hear, especially in front of them?

It’s Christmas tomorrow, A Very Merry Christmas to You!

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Let me look fine for Christmas in peace!

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